RESERVATIONS: Reservations will be accepted up to 12 months in advance of the rental date. The Perry House Foundation will make every attempt to accommodate your last minute rentals. 
RESERVATION DEPOSIT: A non-refundable deposit of $100 is due at the time the lessee tenders the signed Rental Contract to The Perry House Foundation, Inc., thereby booking the date and time. Dates and times will not be processed, booked or held without this required deposit. Full payment is due no later than the day of event.
EVENT TYPE: The Board of Directors of The Perry House Foundation reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse to rent the Perry House for any purpose it deems inconsistent with the preservation of the Perry House as a national landmark. Please note that teen parties and bachelor/bachelorette parties are not permitted. The Perry House Foundation does not endorse any cash transactions to take place at a rented event. Lessees are in violation of their contract if business is conducted and monies transacted during rented events. 
CLEAN UP: The Perry House Foundation subscribes to the “Leave no trace” principles adopted by many organizations. All garbage produced as a result of your rental is your responsibility to remove. Trash and Recyclables must be separated. The facility should look EXACTLY as you found it. All property of the user must be removed immediately following the event, or other arrangements must be made in advance.
NOISE/MUSIC: The Perry House is located in a residential neighborhood. Noise ordinances of the Town of Stratford will prevail. All music must stop by 11:00 p.m. The entire security deposit will be subject to forfeiture if the volume level is not respected. 
SECURITY PERSONNEL: The Board of Directors reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to require the presence of additional security personnel for any event. The experience, amount and cost of such personnel shall be determined solely by the Board of Directors. The cost for such additional personnel shall be the sole responsibility of the lessee. Security personnel would be standard for events over 100 persons. Determination would be made by the Foundation within 30 days of your contract submission. 
INSURANCE: For your own protection as well as the Perry House and the Town of Stratford, the following liability insurance requirements apply: A Certificate of Insurance coverage of at least $300,000 issued by an insurance company licensed to do business in the state of Connecticut naming the Town of Stratford and the Perry House Foundation, Inc., is required by the lessee for any event.
CATERERS and FOOD: All food brought into the Perry House, through a caterer or restaurant must be reviewed by the Health Department. This process is completed through the use of the APPLICATION FOR TEMPORARY EVENTS. Copies of this form are available either through The Perry House Foundation or the Health Department at 468 Birdseye Street, Stratford, CT 06615, 385-4090. 
CHILDREN: Children must be supervised at all times for safety reasons. 
PETS: Pets are not allowed in the building or on the grounds with the exception of service animals. 
BUILDING ACCESS: Under no circumstances are renters or their guests allowed in the second floor of the Perry House. 
DECORATIONS: Any decorations that are used must be placed in such a manner as to avoid the use of scotch tape, staples, nails and similar items which could mar any surface of the Perry House. If the House is opened prior to the time of the event for the purposes of set up or decorating, a separate charge will be made in accordance with the rate schedule attached. No confetti or rice may be used on the grounds. No Candles and/or candle burning is allowed inside the homestead. LED candles are allowed.